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Post a Complaint is a platform for customers who have had a bad experience with a product and/or a service. It was founded with the mission to help consumers fight for their rights. You, as a consumer, can speak your mind & share your bad experiences about a product or a service. By doing this you can not only let the corporates know that you will not take any injustice lying down and you will stand up for your rights, but you can also warn and alert innocent prospects against that product or service, so that they don't have to go through the same ordeal. Post a Complaint helps consumers make 'informed shopping decisions'. This website acts as a platform for reviews on every possible brand under the sun. Users can review the discussions around a brand before purchasing it.

If you have paid for a product and/or a service you deserve to get what has been promised to you. If some corporates do not respect this, you have all the rights to voice your opinion and take an appropriate legal action against them. Our legal team will do their best to help and guide you with the most appropriate course of action.

 Legal Counsel Team

Our legal panel comprises of lawyers having several years of experience in different fields of law. The Advocates on our legal team have successfully represented litigants in a variety of cases, be it of civil or criminal nature. The members on our panel have filed and appeared in cases relating to Property disputes, as well as disputes under the Consumer Protection Act, cases related to Contracts, Housing and Rent Legislation and Municipal Laws.

The team comprises of an Advisory group of legal experts who offer strategic legal advice and legal opinion on issues raised by complainants. The Advisory group also advises on the course of legal action to be adopted and also represents the aggrieved parties before the appropriate forum, if required. The advocates on our panel are abreast with the latest court rulings, enactments, amendments, notifications etc. which will be beneficial to the aggrieved complainants.