Complaint Detail

Brand Name

Reliance Communications Ltd.



Date Posted

20 Jul, 2012

Submited By

Manas Mukherjee, India

Subject of Complaint

Harassed by recovery agents for the money that i dont owe them

Complaint details

Today i received a call from a person claiming to be a senior advocate from Delhi highcourt – Mr Rohan, ph – +918504028792He says that RCOM has filed a case on me and an arrest warrant is issued if i don’t pay up within an hour.This is ridiculous considering the fact that, i have officially called and asked rcom to disconnect my services.i also asked the customer care to collect the phone & modem from my house, but they never came.Luckily i have the request number of my cancellation request (171534715 – rcom) which was given around March 2012.after the cancellation request, i still have paid an amount of Rs. hundred change to cover all my service cost.however a month later i was sent a bill of around 2000 rs which your call center people confirmed was not usage charge, but the modem charges.there is no way i owe any money to rcom.please helpid – 333304104261


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