Complaint Detail

Brand Name

Bharti Airtel



Date Posted

6 Oct, 2012

Submited By

Ankur Mohal, India

Subject of Complaint

Balance Deductions

Complaint details

Hello,First of all i would like to thank you for providing such a good customer service for all the past years and i really admire that.But recently i had been facing some serious issues regarding BALANCE DEDUCTIONS. Now being an old customer of AIRTEL, i simply lodged a complaint but failing to receive any resolution or RESPONSE on promised times. Finally after having a word with several supervisors, i was given a lame excuse that the balance deductions were for the Internet usage on my mobile whereas the Internet pack was already active on it. NOW I FAIL TO UNDERSTAND THAT IF THE INTERNET PACK WAS ALREADY ACTIVE, THEN HOW COME I WAS CHARGED FOR THE DATA USAGE. MOREOVER, I WAS TOLD THAT INTERNET PACK USUALLY TAKES 1 HOUR TO ACTIVATE. NOT I THINK THAT I AM EDUCATED ENOUGH TO COUNT THAT IF THE PACK WAS ACTIVATED ON 30TH OF SEPTEMBER THEN HOW COME IT STILL DIDN'T GOT ACTIVATED TILL THE 1ST OCTOBER (ACCORDING TO ME 24 HOURS SHOULD BE GOOD ENOUGH FOR ANY KIND OF ACTIVATION, ESPECIALLY WHEN I HAD ALREADY BEEN USING THIS SERVICE FOR THE PAST 6 MONTHS, SO NO SETTINGS HAD TO BE SENT). Moreover, is this the way to talk to a customer that since you had been so adamant on this, i am giving you a GOODWILL of 150 Rs. Now may i ask, am i a BEGGAR ?????????? Did i ask for any freebies?????? I i want is my issue to be taken care of. Is this the level of service that i can expect after being a loyal customer for so long ????????? As a Fact, i have the NMC logs of my phone and it shows exactly all the data transfer activities on my phone. Send me all the details in written that all the deductions were valid and then we can proceed further in a consumer court.Awaiting your reply.Regards,Ankur Mohal


Man even their escalation department is the same. They sent me an email stating that we tried to call you but you were unavailable. LOL if thy called, then how come i never received any missed call from their number ???????????????
  Posted: 6 Oct, 2012 by Ankur Mohal, India
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