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Automobiles - Four Wheelers

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6 Apr, 2013

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Alonzo Nesbit, United States

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This is why people hate car dealerships (April 3rd 2013).I bought a pre-owned 2012 Ford Explorer from Classic Ford (Greystone Blvd., Columbia SCWife went nuts…thinks I shouldn’t have…very mad, very depressed…very anxious (literally, Adivan anxious)Tried to return the vehicle the next day…dealership says it’s a done deal and I cannot back out of the deal.My fault for being stupid.My fault for not including my wife from beginning to end…not just the middle.I’m an idiot! I got that. My questions are:Should the mistake be fatal?Should the dealership let me out of the deal?Am I stuck with a $30,000 mistake?Definitely not how I thought I was going to feel after purchasing this vehicle.The bottom line is that I think my wife is right. Although I feel less than a man right now for not being able to buy a car if I want…, it’s going to affect her too.I offered the dealership the option of charging me for any costs incurred, getting my trade back (too soon for anything to be done with it on their end), and we part friends with the vow that I will eventually buy a car from them…with my wife by my side. I was told they have a “no return policy”. I know they can. It is their discretion. They just won’t. I don’t understand that. If a customer changes his or her mind within 24 hours, shouldn’t they be able to back out of the deal? Especially if the customer is willing to pay whatever costs were incurred by the dealer?Why wouldn’t a dealer do that?I don’t want just a customer’s point of you here. I want a dealer’s point of view as well.Hoping to live to fight another day.Signed, New car. No home!


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