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Barclays Bank Plc


Banking (India)

Date Posted

27 Feb, 2010

Submited By

Priya Khosla, India

Subject of Complaint

Barclays Poor service

Complaint details

Very pathetic service by Barclays bank Its the same old story which I`m sure many other banks do. i.e add upto the credit card bill some additional amounts. And then the interests keep adding up.

Advice from Legal Counsel Team

I totally agree with you. I suggest you should put detail facts of your case on record and insist for a clear explanation from the bank. If you do not get any explanations from bank, do not pay the bill. It is bank's duty to give plausible explanation for the excess bill. However in reality these banks take their customers for ride. Do not give up.


yes i am also agree with you
  Posted: 14 Mar, 2010 by Pradeep Singh, India
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