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Brand Name

Reliance Communications Ltd.


Telecom Industry

Date Posted

1 Mar, 2010

Submited By

Deepak Gandhi, India

Subject of Complaint

Reliance Broadband Data Card

Complaint details

I had purchased a Reliance Data Card about 6-8 months back. At that time they assured me that they'll activate it within 2 days and it took about 2 weeks for the same. They promise a free GOA trip but please do not fall for this trap, its a PAID trip. I had taken a Rs.850 per month package and my usage was hardly anything (I use office wi-fi most of the times). I used to get Rs.938 as my bill amount every month. Suddenly, once I got a bill of Rs. 4000 (approx). Shcoking, as my data card usage was NEVER so much. Since that day & today (been 3 months I`ve been after the Reliance data card team to check & revert with a justification as to why this excess billing. I keep getting phone calls from the recovery agents who are not at all aware of the situation. Imagine getting 30-40 calls till now & everytime I have to explain the matter to everyone. Anyway, I had finally given them several chances to come back with a justification else I'll make other innocent customers aware how they CHEAT and send EXCESS BILLINGS to users. BEWARE OF RELIANCE DATA CARD.

Advice from Legal Counsel Team

Dear Deepak, Your agony and agitation is justifiable. Like many others you have become the victim whims and fancies of corporate. This is a clear case of fraud and misrepresentation as they promised you a FREE trip to GOA and eventually it turned out to be a PAID trip. Similarly you have been charged an exorbitant amount of Rs.4000 towards Data Card usage, when according to you the bill should not have been more than Rs. 900-1000 and the company team did not even bother to provide you any plausible explanation for this unfair act on their part. In your case the company is guilty of criminal as well as civil offence and you can go to your local police station and register a criminal case for committing fraud and misrepresentation. You can also file a complaint in the consumer forum claiming damages from the company. I recommend that you should first write to the Company enumerating all the facts and wait for their response. If they fail to reply then you can pursue your legal remedy as stated above.
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