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Bharti Airtel



Date Posted

2 Dec, 2014

Submited By

Cyber Koms, India

Subject of Complaint

Airtel Broadband down

Complaint details

Our office Airtel broadband has been down since 2nd Dec, 1pm. This is what followed next: 1)We complained on twitter’s Airtel handle and were asked for my number. We posted the number but No one called us up. So this was only a formality or a show off from Airtel\'s end to show on Twitter that they care 2) several attempts were made to call the customer service. On one ocassion we was made to hold 20 minutes and the customer executive would just say he is transferring here or there. Ultimately he disconnected the call. There was no courtesy by the customer care team to call back 3) Finally at 5pm we were able to get through a call (till then we were tweeting about these issues and were being given fake assurances it will be sorted). On the call we were told it is a technical issue and it will be resolved in the next 2 hours (so by 7pm) 4) At night we again tweeted several times and were assured by Airtel twitter management guys this will be taken care of 5) It is 11.30 am of 3rd December now as we write this. My team is at office. No one can work because the internet is still not working. They are unable to work since yesterday 1pm and our entire work happens on the internet.6) We sent a email this morning to (around 10.20 am) and were replied that someone will get back to us by 4PM today. We got through a call this morning and were told someone will attend by 4/5pm.What kind of a crap service is Airtel broadband providing?? Its been close to 1 full day and you dont have the technical expertise nor courtesy to have this issue resolved? SHAME ON AIRTEL!


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