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Samsung India



Date Posted

3 Mar, 2015

Submited By

Sahith Reddy, India

Subject of Complaint

Warranty claim issue regarding samsung mobile.

Complaint details

Hello,I bought a Samsung galaxy S5 on 6 / 3 / 14. It is a Water resistant phone upto 1 meter and 30 minutes (specified by the company).On 22/02/2015 I thought of checking the resistance of the phone and took it to the children pool (below 3 feet) where the water resistance is upto 3.3feet (1meter).And the phone wasn\'t working, so I took it to the service centre to claim it in the warranty as it is in the warranty period. But the technician said that it doesn\'t cover under warranty as it is a liquid damage. So I asked him how can it be damaged when it is a Water resistant phone??. He said the charging port maybe open at the time of usage and I started arguing that if the charging port is open, then it shouldn\'t charge....but the charging port was working all fine clearly showing that the water dint get in from the charging slot.They told me to speak to their head office agents and I spoke to them. And their response made me loose my cool.I got a call from Samsung head office the next day, and i explained them everything.Representative: sir the phone should not be taken into water as it is only water resistant and not water proof.Me : then why did u mention that it\'s a water resistant upto 1 meter??Representative : it\'s just a technical specification sir, it\'s not for customer use.And I hung up the call saying that I will file a suit in the consumer forum.WILL FILING A SUIT HELP ME?? OR IS THERE ANY BETTER SOLUTION??Thanks in advance.


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