Complaint Detail

Brand Name

Reliance Communications Ltd.


Telecom Industry

Date Posted

31 Jan, 2010

Submited By

Vikas Gaba, India

Subject of Complaint

Refund on Phone Disconnection

Complaint details

We had Disconnected a reliance landline connection 2 years back. we have still not received the refund.

Advice from Legal Counsel Team

Dear Vikas, You should have gone to consumer court long back claimimg refund as well as damages. If the delay is because you have been exchanging correspondence with the company then still you can explain the delay to the consumer forum. I suggest you have every right to receive your security deposit back and you should file a case in consumer forum located in your vicinity. However before filing the complaint please make sure that you intimate your action to the company as the company may, in order to protect their goodwill,decide to refund your money amicably


  Posted: 2 Feb, 2010 by E E, India
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  Posted: 1 Feb, 2010 by E E, India
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