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30 May, 2010

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Rob De Iure, Switzerland

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Beware of this company advertising on the internet: Domacomtel Telecom Ag Bahnhofstrasse 170 St Gallen 9000 Switzerland Contact: Gorani Meier (417 832 30738) I purchased a bicycle from this company online for US$1065. After making payment, I was advised that because this company was a wholesaler, the minimum order requirement was for three bikes. I negotiated a 50% up front payment and 50% on delivery. I was then advised by their shipping company NicoPost that the bikes had arrived in Australia, but could not be released until full payment was made. This was paid in full (US$3150). After this payment, I was advised by NicoPost that the bikes were not cleared by Australian customs and needed to be returned to Domacomtel to be re-shipped. I contacted customs, who advised me that this should not have happened. I was also advised by Australia post that the EMS shipping number provided by Nico Post did not exist. I was then advised by Domacomtel that the minimum order would now be 5 bikes and that I needed to pay a further US$2000. I told them that I was not interested and would like my money refunded. They agreed to this, but since then I have not been able to contact them by email or telephone. I have been the victim of a costly scam and am seeking to warn anyone contemplating a purchase from DOMACOMTEL to BEWARE!!!


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