Complaint Detail

Brand Name

Bharti Airtel



Date Posted

19 May, 2015

Submited By

Satyaki Chaudhuri, India

Subject of Complaint

Airtel DATA CARD Fraud

Complaint details

Dear Sir,I, Satyaki Chaudhuri , having Airtel postpaid mobile no. 8010619250, have been using Airtel postpaid plan \"alivenet cug 375 3g combo plan\" since 13.11.2014. My relationship number is 1145576970 & my billing address is A-283,Block-A,Sector-19,Noida-201301. I get only e-billls through email only on my registered email address and have been regularly paying my bills online.However around 07.05.15, I have received one hard copy paper bill no. 815335246 dtd. 24.04.15 of Rs. 361.95 payable by 12.05.15 , delivered to my office address at Sector-142,Noida by Swift Air express Couriers with courier number 26264376. The bill is for Data card which I have never seen/possessed with plan written as \"s 1 3 5gb datacard plan(without voice with sms), bill plan charges including rental - Rs. 700\" from date 09.04.2015 to 22.04.15. Airtel number mentioned is 7042048333 & relationship number mentioned is 1157971894 which do not belong to me nor have I ever heard of or seen these numbers.Please note that totally fraud bill has been generated in my name by criminals/miscreants/Airtel and fraud account must have been opened in my name by criminals/miscreants/Airtel. Please stop this fraud/criminal activity immediately and immediately stop/cancel this criminal account with immediate effect.Please immediately provide explanation in writing to me that this connection has wrongly been obtained by miscreants in my name illegally and unlawfully.I have had conversation with Airtel helpline number 198 regarding this matter on 12.05.15 with reference number 1738786878.I had taken my postpaid number 8010619250 through Airtel agent Mr. Mukesh (Mob no- 8826677884) of Satish&Mukesh Associates of Noida circle (Dealer code-5947) having office at sector-10,Noida. I have also visited Airtel Customer Care center at Sector-18,Noida where from I got to know that Dealer of this fake number is also Mr. Mukesh only with dealer code 5947 only. The alternate number given with this connection is 9818319854 which is also incidentally owned by Airtel agent Mr. Mukesh himself. On calling fake number 7042048333, I am getting message \"The Airtel number you are dialling is temporarily out of service\" which means the fake number is dysfunctional.The residential address associated with this fake number is A-205,Sector-19,Noida which needs to be checked by Airtel also.More interestingly, instead of helping me, Airtel Customer Care agent at Sector-18,Noida also told me to keep using this fraud connection which I am not possessing, recommending that the plan is very good, thus adding even more insult to this Airtel created problem.Please rectify this problem immediately.I shall be lodging FIR also in this regard.Please also explain how this connection got verified illegally.This is also the fifth mail I am writing to Airtel since I am yet to receive any reply to the four mails I have sent previously.Regards,Satyaki Chaudhuri.Postpaid no - 8010619250Relationship No - 1145576970.Address: A-283,Sector-19, Noida-201301.

Advice from Legal Counsel Team

Dear sir, It is advisable that you should send them a legal notice followed by a consumer complaint if the service provider doesn\'t comply with your notice. Regards, Legal Team
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