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Media and Entertainment

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22 Jun, 2010

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Prasenjeet Bagchi, India

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Dish TV Faulty Set Top Box: Complaint Not resolved

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My Parents bought Dish TV from M/s Tiwari Brothers, at Raigarh (Chattisgarh) vide Invoice no. : 5343 on 17th November 2009. It was billed on my Father's name: Mr. P.K. Bagchi On 10th June 2010 the Set Top Box stopped showing anything and was not even beaming any signal. On 11th June My Father deposited the faulty Set Top Box (STB No. DST 09030616671) to Tiwari Brothers from whom he had bought it, who next day told my Father that they have deposited the faulty Set Top Box to the Dish TV Service Center M/s Mega Systems. After constant follow ups, the Set Top Box was returned to My Father on 17th June 2010 which ran fine for that evening, but again stopped beaming signals from 10 PM on the same date. On 18th June 2010 My Father again deposited the faulty Set Top Box to M/s Mega Systems (Dish TV Service Center), Raigarh. After rigorous follow ups my Father was given an alternate old Set Top Box (STB No. DST 09070915411) on 20th June 2010 and was told that it will be activated in 4 hours time. However this alternate Set Top Box has still not got activated and hence is beaming only free to air channels, not the platinum pack which my Father has subscribed to. On reporting this to the Seller (M/s Tiwari Brothers) and the Service Center (M/s Mega Systems) both are not responding. I reported this entire issue to Dish TV customer care executive (West) on 21st June 2010 via telephone at 4.00 PM and was given the Complaint reference number: 40593912. I was told that this issue will be resolved in next 2 hours and the alternate Set Top Box will be activated if channel 999 is played for 2 hours constant, which my Father did, but in vain. This has caused grievous mental and physical problems to my parents who are both retired and senior citizens living alone in Raigarh.

Advice from Legal Counsel Team

Dear Mr. Bagchi, I understand the mental trauma you and your parents must have gone through. Whichever part of India you may be in, but the exploitation of consumers by the corporate/service providers are similar. The culprit in your case are both Tiwari Brothers and Dish TV. I suggest you first give a written complaint to Dish TV and mark a copy of that complaint to Tiwari Brothers. In that letter you should ask dish TV to replace your old Set Top Box with new/fresh Set Top Box immediately. You should mention in that letter that if do not comply with your letter then you would, apart from taking legal recourse, carry this matter to media. You are entitled for the better service and a fresh Set Top Box from the Dish TV. If they do not comply with your letter then you should file complaint against Dish TV and Tiwari Brothers before the Consumer forum in your district. For filing consumer complaint you neither require services of lawyer nor the payment of court fees. The complaint can be in the form of letter addressed to the consumer forum. I strongly recommend that you should not let go the wrong doers and should teach them a lesson.
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