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16 Jun, 2015

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Anil Yadav, India

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Vodafone deduction for model mania

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My talk time balance that was Rs177 was deducted with Rs 35 for a service called Model Mania that I don\'t have a clue. Even the folks at customer have no idea bout such a service and they blame me for cliking a link that deducted the balance. First: No such link or message came to me for any deduction of any sorts. Second: This service (Although I have de-acitivated now) was subscribed to me for weekly basis without any notification to me. Third: Company like vodafone allows any third party service to deduct balance at any time without the knowledge of customer. Finally: I want my balance of Rs 35 credited back to me.

Advice from Legal Counsel Team

Dear Anil, Don\'t waste your precious time for such a pretty amount. You should change the service provider. Regards, Legal Team
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