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Maruti Udyog Ltd.


Automobiles - Four Wheelers

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26 Jun, 2015

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MARUTI SUZUKI CHEATER DEALERHad booked Maruti CIAZ ZXI+, from KTS AUTOMOTORS PVT LTD FORT, MUMBAI A KATARIA GROUP ENTERPRISE, buton the delivery date when we moved the car just few meters not even a kilometre we noticed some noise from the front left wheel. So we immediately called the sales guy BARUN KUMAR and the manager KISHEN BHANDARI they also heard the weird sound and from there they asked to take the car to their workshop at Byculla. BARUN came along. There the service staffs also took the test drive, they also heard the noise and took the car on ramp and changed some rods of brand new car from both side of tire( left and right ) and again took the test drive but I would like you to know that the noise was still there, so they kept the car with them from the very day one of delivery. And whenever we call them for the car they told they are rectifying the problem. They took around 40- 45 days to rectify the noise but didn\\\\\\\'t know what it is. And now telling us to take the car with the noise one. ( manufacturing defect). As I believe this is not a small problem as the abnormal noise is still there after keeping the car for so many days with them. We also fear this may lead some more problems and may also be a life threatening for us. We are telling them give a new car or a refund as we didn\\\\\\\'t kept the car for a single day with us. It is with them from 28th APRIL 2015 and now it is 24th JUNE 2015. I just want to say that we don\\\\\\\'t want repaired or defected car as we have paid for a new one and would like to take home a NEW CAR. And not a repaired one or a manufacturing defected car.PLS HELP.

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Dear Farhan, Yours is a fit case to approach Consumer Forum. You will not only get a new Car but also get a compensation for mental agony and trauma. Regards, Legal Team
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