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5 Jul, 2015

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Bhavik Mistry, India

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Lenovo is not refunding my money for faulty laptop

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I am an owner of Lenovo Y50-70 laptop which was purchased by me a few months back.I am writing this to inform you about the bad experience with lenovo since may 2015 which is ongoing up till now. I faced a hardisk problem which required the hardisk to be replaced after confirming through the Lenovo Solution Centre. The hardisk was replaced on site but after installing operating system,the hard disk error continued whenever the system started.So again the hard disk had to be replaced but this time at the service centre.This whole problem continued till june since even after replacing with a new hard drive there was some problem or the other with the system or the operating system and later with the hard drive when the system was brought back home. The wait was not over here,the hardisk of my system has been replaced not once,not twice but thrice. Everytime when i have contacted lenovo service centre or the call centre they had assured me that this time the problem would be definitely solved and they would keep the system on observation and only return me after it is well examined. But the problem never seemed to stop and now the hard disk is going to be replaced the fourth time in this week of June along with the motherboard.My concern is that i\'ve already wasted a lot of time and invested a lot of money on this system and i am not really satisfied with the output so far.I have been really frustrated in these two months of struggle and finally i am fed up of this. Now i am no more interested of replacing more hard drives,because this process never seems to end and it will be fourth time in 2 months.It is my humble request to Lenovo care to please understand my grievance and help me with a permanent and a quick solution to it because i really cant wait for more experiments on my laptop because this has taken a toll on my health mentally and i have suffered a lot of loss in my work. I need a new laptop urgently to resume my work and its been really tough without a laptop for two months,so i urge you to please look into this matter urgently and arrange me a refund for my system as soon as possible. It is my sincere request to please understand my situation and condition and i know it is not under your policy to refund money but this is not an ordinary case,the hardisk has been replaced three times in a period of merely 30 days and still there is no end to the problem and now i cant further wait for the fourth attempt as also there is no assurance given that if the fourth attempt also goes unsuccessful there would be a final solution given to me. I am hoping that you will respond with a positive and final solution to my grievance as soon as possible.My details for the system are as follows:-MODEL : LENOVO Y SERIES,Y50-70SERIAL NO : CB33569085SERVICE ORDER NO-1 : 7006743396SERVICE ORDER NO-2 : 7022311175SERVICE ORDER NO-3 : 7022326726INTERACTION NO WITH CUSTOMER CARE : 215512900

Advice from Legal Counsel Team

Dear Bhavik, Instead of pleading to Lenovo, what is stopping you from filing a consumer compliant before the nearest consumer forum. Your grievance will be resolved only by legal means. Regards, Legal Team
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