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Financial Institutions

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7 Aug, 2015

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Raghav S, India

Subject of Complaint

Horrible Customer Service

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I have been banking with them for 15 years.The NFC Branch at New Delhi, returned a cheque issued by me on the premise that sufficient balance is not available, whereas I had much more than the needed amount in my account. All my efforts to contact the Bank proved futile, trying to get in touch with a human being at the Bank is a nerve wrecking, torturous experience, and yet you cannot get anybody on the line.I immediately wrote to the customer care, and also sent them a copy of the bank statement which clearly showed that in the entire month, not even on any single day, my balance was less than 1.4 lac, which was more than the amount of the cheque issued. I sought an explanation why my cheque was dishonoured. I got no response.This Bank, which is proud of it\'s technology base, which can find out the entire history of any account holders account for last 10 years within a few minutes, is unable to reply to me for more than a week. The dishonour of the cheque for no reason has caused me substantial embarassment and loss, yet the Bank is not bothered to even reply to my various emails, they keep sending those stupid automated replies.The Branch, which is just a Km away from my Home, did not even bother to pick up the phone and talk to me before returning my cheque.I would advise my friends to be careful about this Bank.


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