Complaint Detail

Brand Name

Barclays Bank Plc


Financial Institutions

Date Posted

26 Jul, 2010

Submited By

Deepak G, India

Subject of Complaint

Barclays Credit Card- Unethical, Unprofessional, Careless attitude

Complaint details

This is with reference to the concerns which I have been facing with Barclays credit card. I have been getting excess billings since over an year now. I have been taking efforts to detail out the payable & the excess amounts every month and have been paying the payable amounts religiously. This is happening since over a year and I've beein writing to the customer care email ID with the details of excess billings. Barclays conveniently ignores these emails, except for a robotic generated email which I get immediately, another system generated email which says they will get back in 7 days, and finally another SYSTEM GENERATED email which says that nothing is wrong with the billings. I've told them several hundred times that if I can pay the actual, genuinely billable amount I can very well afford to pay those extra little amounts too. BUT I WILL NOT PAY SOMETHING WHICH IS EXCESSIVELY CHARGED TO MY CREDIT CARD. I have written this to Barclays credit card team several several times. But, Barclays credit card team is JUST NOT INTERESTED IN SOLVING MY CASE. They DO NOT SEEM TO have a customer service department at all, which I strongly have started believing in by now. All I get in a return email EVERYTIME is a robotic/system generated mail which says the same lines. Fed up with this cheatful, unethical, unprofessional and careless attitude of Barclays credit card, I decided to close my account. Again religiously paid up the actual due amount and sent the Barclays so-called customer service an email asking them to close my account and also mentioned that I have broken my credit card. After this, what can one expect from a fradulent company like Barclays credit card? Obviously, delay this matter so they can charge late payment fee. I have written to them several several times requesting for a HUMAN and NOT A SYSTEM to write back to me, if they are really interested in solving this matter. I have taken pains to REPEATEDLY share all details regarding my excess billings all over again. And all I get back from them is a) repeated calls from the payment department who has ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE about my issues and they are just bothered to know if payment was made. That is their only KRA. b) Robotic emails with the same lines. Surprisingly, Barclays credit card has no co-ordination between themselves. The payment team talks to me in isolation and everytime one needs to share all details regarding excess billings with every single agent who calls up. Imagine doing this continuously over a period of time and still the issue not getting solved. They have the guts to sms me that if I do not pay my credit rating will get affected and I may not get a loan in the future. In short, such messages are sent to WARN that you cannot fight with a big organisation. Just be silent and pay up those extra rupees. MY FOOT!! I'm not the kinds who will take this unfair behaviour lying down. The reason I'm sharing this in public is for everyone out there to know the real face of Barclays credit card department who are: a) A HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL, UNETHICAL TEAM OF CHEATERS and FRADULENT PEOPLE WHO JUST WANT TO CHEAT YOU WITH EXCESS BILLINGS. b) HAVE NO RESPECT FOR ITS CUSTOMERS. CARE A DAMN ATTITUDE EVEN IF THE CUSTOMER HAS BEEN GOING THROUGH THE TRAUMA SINCE MONTHS. I STRONGLY STRONGLY RECOMMEND NOT TO OPT FOR A BARCLAYS CREDIT CARD. PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO PEOPLE YOU KNOW SO THAT THEY DO NOT GET CHEATED THE SAME WAY.

Advice from Legal Counsel Team

Dear Deepak, I am wondering what made you tolerate such an unprofessional and robotic approach for almost a year. You should have discontinued their services long back. Well..though you have asked for a legal advice, I do not think you really intend to take any legal action against Barclays. So far as Barclays threat regarding your credit rating and future loan, is concerned, I can assure you that these are hollow threats and nothing of that sort happens in reality. Regards
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