Complaint Detail

Brand Name

Alibaba.Com Ltd.


Ecommerce and Internet

Date Posted

10 Sep, 2015

Submited By

Barton James Christner, United States

Subject of Complaint

Fraudulaent \"Medical Sales Wholesaler\" Pamela K. Geldart

Complaint details

#1 Jim Geldart 12/07/2011 - 19:03 Ex-husband of Pam Pamela K. Geldart Not long after filing a restraining order against ex-wife (Pamela K. Geldart) she retaliated. Falsely accused of Domestic Battery: - #2 John W. Korchinsky 12/11/2011 - 01:13 Pamela K. Geldart On 7/18/2009 boyfriend John W. Korchinsky having dated Pam Geldart. He had filed a restraining order against Pam Geldart. Observed while there witnesses saw everything! She got angry John had filed, then lied to police about Domestic Battery. John was arrested at 2400 Sunday, Delray Beach, Florida. John died mysteriously after that? - Pam Geldart 10/24/2012 - 02:53 Truth floats ĒThis was different than my ex-husband or Bart Christner! I had already dumped John and he wouldnít leave my garage. Itís not my fault Iím 94 lbs and little. All three men were vary vary big men and abused to me! F#$% with me and I will lie and say I was raped if I have to! Iíll report Rob Gilliland and heís a Commissioner that I dated, if I have to! Itís a womanís right to protect herself!Ē Sincerely, Pam Geldart!#4 Edwin 11/13/2012 - 19:53 Pamela K. Geldart ďWeíre not in high school anymore... watch out for this woman... Pam... sheís a scary, lying manipulator!Ē#5 Armando Mustiga 12/31/2012 - 12:01 PamGeldart with Edwin Cosio (above?) of Ormand? Armando Eugenio Mustiga several times hired Pam Geldart as his escort. When his live in girlfriend told him to stop seeing Pam, he attacked his girlfriend. Booking Number is 2009-00001409, inmate number 1801027110 at 37 PORT ROYAL DR., PALM COAST, FL 32164. - Troy Deppen 11/15/2012 - 23:43 Pam Geldart wrecked our family. He cheated on me with this homewrecker. He plays guitar, and with Tim, his brother is a wood craftsman and owns a cornhole company, while being a fireman for the city of Orlando! I came home and found this Pam Geldart in the pool having sex with my husband and I will tell you right now, I certainly wasnít happy - Pam Geldart scoffed at me! She knew we were married yet still, she kept trying to meet him. I too was falsely arrested for domestic violence! - Jody Arcuri 12/04/2012 - 16:24 Robert Arcuri my husband, cheated on me with this Pam Geldart bitch. I demanded he stop seeing her! Then I got falsely arrested April 23, 2012 for battery, and then he got arrested Oct 28, 2012 for DV assault. - - Ronald S. Blum II SUICIDE because of Pam Geldart 09/21/2014 - 01:13 Pamela K. Geldart Phyllis Abadie is Ronís mother, and just beside herself! Her son - a successful patent attorney for Harris - Ron Blum - dated Pam Geldart off and on for several years! Pam cheated on and lied to him - used him - over and over again and broke his heart. He argued with her, then went to Satelite Beach, Melbourne and KIILLED HIMSELF Aug.12, 2014 because of her!! She didnít even care! #9 Cindy Gilliland MURDER with STEAK KNIFE on AUG 11, 2010 07/07/2015 - 01:13 Robert Gilliland Cindyís ex-husband ran around with us (Iím a cop) and Pam Geldart in our car. We wondered why on that fourth of July Commissioner Gilliland paid personally over $230 to get Pam Geldartís car out of the pound after she had parked illegally. I mean, thatís an expensive date right? They were screwing around, and it led Cindy (his ex) to be such a mess that she stabbed a guy (only got probation for it too). Commissioner Gilliland ended up with a felony mugshot of his own punching a 66 year old man! Stay away of Pam Geldart and her partners... itís like this Pam Geldart is like a black widow or something. - Jody Arcuri killed a skateboarder DUI/drugs, driving Feb 2014!


  Posted: 18 Sep, 2015 by Arushi Verma, India
  Posted: 18 Sep, 2015 by Arushi Verma, India
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