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29 Sep, 2015

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Niketan Mohite, India

Subject of Complaint

Not refunding my axcess money i have transferred and not providing any service

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My name is Niketan Sanjay Mohite . I got a call for a job in Singapore from FROUD Company ‘ ‘Lucknow and then they sent me mail from saying your Document and your CV has been approved from ‘Accent Musicals Equipment pvt Ltd’ company and ask me to transfer Rs.4500/- as a processing fees, then we will connect you with the company for the interview process . They are saying that they are linked with .by mistake I transfer Rs.4500/- twice on 19-Aug 2015 in Bank Of India IFSC Code- BKID0006834 and Account No:683420110000265 . In total I transferred Rs.9000/- .When I Asked them to transfer me back my access amount of Rs.4500/- they started giving me dates after date, then I clearly told them transfer my entire amount of Rs.9000/- I don’t want any service from your company but still they did not transfer me my money back please help me to recover my money back to me, I really need this funds very badly . for any details please call me on my Mob. No.9029128212.“This Company is a FROUD company. I have found so many people who are going through same problem with same FROUD company ( these are 5-6 unprofessional people doing a cyber crime . I am requesting you to please catch them and release every bodies money back to them , “ I know one guy who is son of poor farmer going through with the same problem” Phone Numbers of fnf :-915224933622 / 915224933624 person name - samrat 05224933600 – got this number from e-mail 915224948000 person name – neha , H R Department / ashish , H R Department 9519264028 – Anand Desai (Provide by Dipti Joshi) true caller name :- sameer Sir 8115230423- sameer Sing , source from scamadviser.comPlease check below link for details of this company


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