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Ecommerce and Internet

Date Posted

28 Oct, 2015

Submited By

Jaanvi Tourani, India

Subject of Complaint

Cheated by Techsevin. was delivered incomplete project

Complaint details

Techsevin, kandivali, Mumbai Ė cheated & delivered incomplete project1st payment was made on 26th march. As per terms I was to the project delivered by 26th april. My 1st wireframe & layout was delivered on 22nd april. The project kept getting delayed for 7 months. Even after 7 months the project was made live incomplete. As I come from healing & psychology background, I donít understand the technical details. I only know the user friendly how the site works.Even the basic of the site i.e posting to its relavant category, post, comments, Vlog page where we see video wasnít completed. 1. Mr. mounish is been claiming that the project was complete and hence it was uploaded & made live on 21st september.2. i believed mr. mounish. I had gone home (bangalore) for ganapati festival & when back in 1st week of oct, i had met with an accident & was on bed rest for a week. I have proof for it. 3. As these site was made live, so it means that all basic features were agreed upon. This site has categories: relationship, wealth, wellness, work life, parenting & everything else, vlog & ask expert & events.4. having all these categories, it was agreed that any person who posts an article, would select a category & the article will be posted in that category. which wasnt completed..5. Any person could post an article with out title..6. An individual having a tab/checkbox to seek help from expert has been made clear many times. it was been approved on sep 11th.. which was been reminded many times on phone. it was still incomplete when the site was made live. 7. Admin shown as an expert. this point mentioned. till last date this has been remained.8. Features were anyone was able to see every comment on the site in their account panel. it was like accessing admin panel. this was also been repeatedly said & wasnt corrected before the site was made live9. People could post article & it would go no where from \"blog section\"on the site. Once posted the article goes anywhere on the site. 10. Vlog page: this page was agreed by the team & mr. mounish & then added on the site. It was made clear its a page where i would be posting videos. Please check Vlog image to see how badly has this page been uploaded & made live. where you cannot see any video on the page at all.11. As per Mr. mounish the site was delayed because of me & was completed and made live. it was made live in mid sep. All the mails below shows. That i was cheated & lied that the project is complete. As none of the features were properly integrated, no quality check. 12. Techsevin team had just made the site up & were asking me to pay remaining amount. 13. All the attached pictures clearly states that the site was incomplete even with basic features of posts. No quality check done by the team.My loss1. i haven\'t taken any work since june. As \"being us\"has an event section, i had kept myself free to promote the site. i earn every month appx : 35,000 - 50,000/- . i am at lost of appx 2,50,000/-2. I had spoken to many top experts in the industry of healing & wellness & also LGBT group for event. i have all mail interactions with them. This event would have made me easily 75,000/- im at loss of it3. I have lost credibility of this project. I can not put this on a price. 4. i have paid 64,200/- to mr mounish5. through all the previous mails. Mr. mounish has been denying his fault & put entire blame on me for the delay. where you can clearly see all mails are after sep 21st. after the site was made live. 5. i would like to have full refund & compensation of the earning i have lost. 6. i stay alone in mumbai, and i have come from bangalore in may. keeping this project & knowing mumbai is a city where can i expand my business. Mr. mounish & techsevin has made me loss of the amount, time, effort


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