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Ecommerce and Internet

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19 Nov, 2015

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Tushit Sanyal, India

Subject of Complaint

US Home Loan Form Filling Fraud- SHR Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Ahmedabad, Gujrat))

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These guys sold us \"US home loan form filling\" process at a huge cost, which turned out to be a total scam project. As promised, we were supposed to be talking/writing to US counterpart of the project, instead we got a semi-literate moron, who couldn\'t even write proper English sentences, claiming to be the client. The IP for the emails sent from the client are originating from Bhopal. Lets guess that exact location may be wrong, but the fact is, it\'s well within India.They deliberately kept 1-2 user IDs dis-engaged during the business hours so that we don\'t meet the daily target. Irrespective of repetitive requests, they kept doing the same thing again & again. Suddenly we received an email saying the project has been taken off. This was the part of the play where they terminate the process based on the forged performance report.You may reach me @ 08013654454 or mail me at PLEASE DO NOT GET SCAMMED BY THESE PEOPLE.


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