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HDFC Bank Ltd.


Financial Institutions

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28 Dec, 2015

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Deepak Gandhi, India

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My car insurance policy payment was made 25 days back and at the point the HDFC ERGO sales team promised & assured me I will be getting the policy in 2-3 working days. That was a LIE!It has been 25 days since the cheque was taken and I havent yet received my insurance renewal copy. I made my first call to their customer care on 18002700700 on 23rd of December. The customer service representative assured me that she has escalated the matter and assured me that I will be getting my policy soft copy on my email ID in 24 hours and the hard copy is also being couriered on priority. THAT WAS A LIE!!!I made a few calls to the same given today. I was given a variety of different replies by a bunch of idiots (Miraj/Niraj topping the list). I simlpy asked them 3 questions- 1) why was the policy delayed so much (25 days) when I was promised I wll get it in 2-3 days. 2) How soon can the soft copy be mailed to me/ 3) when will I get the hard copy of policy.Apparently, they are clueless and have a standard scripted dialogue to say, \'pls wait for 5 days\' or \'we have escalated this\' or \'we have noted this & will get back to you asap\' or \'pls wait till evening\'.But no one had a proper answer.SUMMARY:I can safely summarize that HDFC ERGO is a bunch of unprofessional cheaters who lured me into making the payment on the FALSE ASSURANCE of sending the insurance policy copy in 2-3 days. They have FAILED to send me the policy copy in the last 25 days. I WOULD URGE YOU ALL NOT TO EVER GO FOR HDFC ERGO INSURANCE POLICY.


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