Complaint Detail

Brand Name

Reliance Communications Ltd.



Date Posted

28 Jul, 2010

Submited By

Neha Mehta, India

Subject of Complaint

Hopeless service/ over charging and fraud

Complaint details

I bought myself a Reliance USB internet connection. The speed and service were not at all good. The counter that displays th speed is set to show 3.2mbps fixed whereas teh actual speed on testing is less than 1/100th of that times. This is a clear case of fraud. Besides that the executives are very rude when you call for complaints. They literally cut the phone if you insist. In the month of May i bought a new connection and called up o get this 1 deactivated. I continued to get calls to pay my bills where I reminded them they are to disconnect my connection. Till date my connection is active and I am receiving bills on it. Besides that, on my new connection my usage is 3 times yet it shows my usage as 1/3 rd of what Reliance charged me for. I doubt i ever used as much bandwidth as the bills I got. I really wish some serious action is taken against this fraud setup that is actually robbing people's hard earned money.


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