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Brand Name

Dominos Pizza


Hotels, Restaurants and Clubs

Date Posted

26 Aug, 2016

Submited By

Deepak Gandhi, India

Subject of Complaint

Beggars walk into Dominos restaurant. Staff don\'t care.

Complaint details

Last evening, as I was eating at one of Dominos outlets at Colaba, Mumbai, I got the shock of my life. I suddenly see two three beggar children right next to my table pointing at my food (asking me to give it to them). This was right when I and one of my friends were eating. Such an EMBARASSMEMT and such a SHOCK. Everyone\'s looking at our table. These beggars had opened the door and managed to walk through the restaurant, passing across the counter where 4-6 of Dominos staff were standing. I cant believe they didn\'t see them. They ran out and in about 2-3 mins one of the beggars was again at my table asking for food and everyones looking at me again. I walked up to the counter to speak to Dominos staff and another shock was in store for me- NONE OF THE STAFF BOTHERED THE LEAST. We got our food packed and left and on the way these beggars were standing out and we gave them our parcelled food. It is such a SHAME FOR DOMINOS not to be able to handle such things. Beggars walk into your restaurant and bother their customers and they don\'t even care. They have not only lost two customers today (probably the other customers who saw us too) and also lost their \'respect\', if there was any in the first place.


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