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25 Sep, 2016

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Bikash Das, India

Subject of Complaint

Accident by Ola Cab Driver

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I took an Ola Cab on 27 Jul\'16 at 10.57pm from Bangalore Airport to Bangalore city (vide CRN321918986). It was raining that night and the Driver was driving at a high speed, around 80km per hour. The car met with an accident when he lost control of the car trying to save it from an uprooted tree and banged into a pole. I was badly injured in the accident and was bleeding profusely from my forehead while the driver was also badly hit on his chest.I called up the Ola Customer care and spoke to the Safety Officer who promised to arrange for some alternate vehicle and CALL ME BACK IN 5 MINUTES. He never called and I waited for over 30 minutes inside the car, stranded in middle of nowhere. It was well past midnight by then. Then I managed to get to a hospital by taking a lift from a passerby and got myself treated. I got few stitches on my forehead. Though there was no fracture, I was badly hit on my legs and severe pain and swelling still persists, restricting my movement.Next morning I founf that my laptops (2 nos.) in my bag were damaged badly, because of the accident, rendering them useless.A couple of days later, I got in touch with Ola Customercare and managed to speak to the Safety Officer again who again promised that I shall be contacted by Ola soon. Nobody called.My submission:1. I want compensation for the physical damaged caused to my laptops and the repair/replacement costs involved.2. I want to be compensated for the medical expenses incurred by me.3. I was told by the Safety Officer that Ola does not have any compensation policy. My demand is that if there is no such policy, its time to introduce one immediately. Ola cannot disown the negligent act on part of its partners (the driver).4. If ola doesn\'t have any compensation policy & can\'t compensate my loss, do confirm the same in writing.


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