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9 Oct, 2016

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Harish Nair, India

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LENOVO- Poor Quality,fraudaulent & malpractice, Worst Spares, Poor Service, Forgery, Cheating

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I purchased a Lenovo Vibe K5 phone (Model A6020a40) IMEI 861895032680077 & 861895032680069, through Amazon (Order Confirmation 403-27974964076342) on 07th July 2016. The product was sold & delivered by Green Mobiles Bangalore (Invoice Number KA-BLRS-167791461-246879) on 12th July 2016 in Visakhapatnam (I was at site hence took delivery here, however I reside in Mumbai all later incidents culminated in Mumbai). I did not peel off the plastic on the mobile screen until 05th Sep 2016. On 05th Sep 2016(I captured few images using the rear camera, upon enlarging the images I found a black spot in every image. I understood that there was manufacturing issue in the rear camera, & since the plastic was not peeled off from the screen I never noticed it. The window of returning the product within 10 days was lost and I had no option but to visit service centre for a replacement. Visited the nearby service centre -Technotronics Technologies (Ph +(91)-22-38526760 Add:- Rajgor Empire, Khot lane, Ghatkopar West, Mumbai - 400086, Opposite Metro Gate No 4.) on 6th Sep 2016. They issued me a token-54, I waited until my turn. The phone was handed over for investigation & later the service team confirmed the camera had a manufacturing defect and needs to be replaced. However they mentioned it would take over 15days to get the same fixed and where not able to provide exact date, as I was planning to go out of Mumbai & since it was a manufacturing defect I asked for mobile replacement & didnít handover my phone. They said to contact Lenovo for the same. I wrote an email to,, on 06th Sep 2016, stating the above and requesting for a replacement. I got an Auto reply with an incident ID 160906-005392. No reply other than the autoreply received. To my nightmare, both the SIMís in my mobile started showing not network. The entire 06th and 07th September 2016 the condition persisted. My second visit to service centre culminated due to this reason, I informed them I came with a problem and then they added one. The phone was taken over for examination and after some troubleshoot repair the networks were restored. During handing over the service centre head mentioned that they will replace the camera in 7 days and if failed they will provide with another mobile to use until my phone is returned, with this condition he asked whether I would be interested to hand over the phone for camera replacement, as he ensured 7 days and a spare to use after that I agreed to hand over the phone. A service sheet with number SOIN02340016090070028 was created & phone was handed over for camera replacement.A second email stating the network issue was sent to,,, on 07th Sep 2016. No reply to my incident ID 160906-005392 received. After 7 working days, i.e from 17th Sep 2016, I started following up with service centre for my phone. They said the camera is not dispatched from Lenovo and they are not sure when the same will be received at their end and also they donít have a spare mobile so they cannot do anything. My hardships started I was using a borrowed Nokia 3315 mobile for the past 10 days.I contact Lenovo over web chat, they provided the service centre escakation manager one Mr. Mihirís number (09004746731). I contacted him, he took the service centre in conference, service center reiterated camera is not dispatched by Lenovo and they donít know when they will receive the same. Mr. Mihir however instructed service centre to hand over a spare mobile to me for use.A third email stating the service issue & above was sent to,, on 17th Sep 2016. No reply to my incident ID 160906-005392 received until now. An autoreply received on 17th Sep 2016 with incident ID 160917-001445.As 18th Sep 2016 was Sunday, I called service centre on 19th Sep 2016 to know the camera dispatch status and if not dispatched then to receive a spare mobile as which was agreed upon on 17th Seep 2016.To my surprise the service personal said they cannot give me spare mobile & I can take back my mobile if I want & that too without replacing the camera. I argued that they should not have taken my phone on assurance that it will be repaired in 7 days & would give a spare mobile is not done so, this is deficiency in service & cheating. Too which they said then wait for 1 more days.I called service centre on 20th Sep 2016 to know the camera dispatch status and if not dispatched then to receive a spare mobile as which was agreed upon on 17th Sep 2016 & as per discussion on 19th Sep 2016. Service centre personal asked me to visit service centre and take a spare mobile as camera was still not dispatched by Lenovo.After reaching service centre they handed my phone back to me, I asked them how the camera is replaced? As the intended camera was not dispatched by Lenovo, They said that they have replaced it with a camera of another mobile which was in service from another user & mentioned upon receipt of my camera from Lenovo the same will be fitted to the other persons mobile.I had no choice but to take back my new phone with an old camera, as I was left without smart mobile and was difficult to manage my daily affairs. However I wanted to escalate this forgery episode with Lenovo as this was not righteous practice. How would in ensure that any parts of my phone is not fitted in another mobile? How to trust Lenovo and handover our products with them for repairs? This incident was real shocker and further worsened by experience with Lenovo.The camera incident was recorded by me in the service order feedback session, however till date no one has enquired about my feedback. This shows service worthiness and customer care attitude of Lenovo.On 21st September 2016 I received an email from as this was a reply to m email dated 07th Sep 2016 with incident ID 160906-005392. (shows the customer sensitiveness of Lenovo).Lenovo Interaction reference 223940839.I replied to,, on 21st Sep 2016, about my ordeal, the product quality and the malicious & fraudulent practice of service centre & demanded to replace my phone with a new one as ď My phone was fitted with a camera of someone elseís phone & I was not sure on what all parts from my phone was swappedĒ On 22st September 2016 I received an email from original incident ID 160906-005392 as was reply to my email dated 21st Sep 2016, Lenovo interaction number 223969286, the email stated that the service centre will replace the old camera swapped from some other phone and fixed in my phone with a new camera as soon as they receive a new one from Lenovo. This corroborates the fact that the camera was swapped and Lenovo is involved in such malicious and fraudulent activity.The matter of fact is that till date no camera has come & no one from service centre has called.I replied to the email dated 22nd and stated that since you are already involved in forgery, I donít believe you anymore and so deliver a new phone at my residence.On 29st September 2016 I received an email from original incident ID 160906-005392 as was reply to my email dated 22nd Sep 2016, Lenovo Interaction ID 224102322. Stating the replacement of phone is not possible and I live with the forged product until someone from service centre contacts me to replace the camera.I decided to escalate the issue to higher-ups and wrote an email to (Mr. Sudipto Gosh). Got reply from sudipto gosh assuring to resolve the issue, he deputed Mr. Hyder Rabbin Khan ( Hyder Rabbin Khan ( wrote an email to me on 30th Sep 2016, statin the issue is closed based on his discussion with service centre. I replied and expressed my displeasure.To which he called me and said as a good will the camera was swapped and I must appreciate Lenovo service for it, I countered good will?? This is malicious act & forgery swapping parts of mobile in service centre & I will not accept this. To which he said this is the best what he can di I should be grateful to the service centre for this goodwill gesture of part swapping. The above thing is also mentioned by Mr. Hyder Rabbani in his email dated 1st OCT 2016.The worst part is not yet over. The camera has stopped working from 6th OCT 2016, I have sent the error message screen shot to Mr. Sudipto Gosh & Mr. Hyder Rabbani & demanded a replacement (Len care Id created C161001002). From the above it is evident that the entire team of Lenovo is involved in malicious practice and will support the forgery of the service team stating it as god will gesture, thus request your help & support to go legal against Lenovo for their poor quality product, poor spares support, malicious service activity, cheating and forgery. I WANT MY ENTRE REFUNDED BACK ASAP.


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