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15 Feb, 2017

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Deepak D, India

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Dr. Jariwala Laboratory, Eksar, Borivli West. Untrained, Unprofessional, Unethical staff.

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I took my 45 day old nephew to Jariwala Laboratory, Eksar, Borivli West, around 9.30 pm on Saturday 11th Feb,2017, for a blood test. I asked at the so called reception if the technicians are trained for taking blood samples of babies. After ignoring this question a couple of times, I was told a Yes. Two technicians, one of whom was Minal picked up the baby and asked me and my sister to wait outside. We insisted on being alongside the kid to which Minal resisted. I then told her that we would not like to get the test done if she is not letting us inside with the baby, and I asked her to hand over the baby to me. To which the other technician said that she will look for the vein and if she doesn\\\'t get it we can take the baby else stand inside,next to the baby. These two technicians along with the office boys/peons tried to search for the vein by tightening a tournaquet around the baby\\\'s arm, while the baby was crying out loudly. After 10 minutes of attempt one of them (Minal) walked out and called someone on the phone. I asked her what\\\'s happening to which she said she has called another \\\'senior\\\' technician. So meaning all this while she being a junior untrained technician was trying to take out blood sample. In a minute another technician (Shradha) walked in confidently. I assumed she would be knowing how to handle babies\\\' blood test. But NO. She made the baby howl and cry while she pricked him with a needle, and after a couple of minutes of a lot of cry, and assuming the test is done, we realised that Shraddha could NOT do the test properly. I asked her what happened to which she said the blood is insufficient. My sister asked her to explain to which Minal intervened and said where would you like to do your blood test now? She asked us, \\\"can you go to some other Lab-? \\\". WHAT WAS THAT? I asked them if the needle prick was done wrongly and why didn\\\'t the blood come out if the needle prick was right, to which Shradha was quiet and didn\\\'t have an answer, My sister asked again to which Minal replied with an unsatisfactory answer that we can take the kid to another Hospital. Why was this told to us afyer one attempt of needle pricking? I asked them this so i get an answer, \\\"thats why we didnt prick again na\\\".. So, the point here is that these untrained unprofessional technicians Minal and Shrada took the responsibility of injecting my 45 day old nephew to collect blood sample. Parents of infants will realise the pain here, the pain to see their baby cry and howl and for what????? For getting him or her blood tested from an unprofessional untrained and unethical laboratory which in this case is JARIWALA LABORATORY, EKSAR, BORIVILI WEST. Trust they were just not trained enough and still they took the RISK this 45 day old baby. Earlier, I had overheard these 3 technicians discuss inside of they should ask me to come again tomorrow morning. Then one of them probably confidently must have thought of making this 45 day old a guinea pig. After reaching home we realised another thing, the peon who was holding the baby\\\'s arms very tight has left a scar/mark on his arm. It is a SHAME such laboratories even exist in our society and pet untrained unethical technicians. BEWARE OF JARIWALA LAB. ENSURE YOU DO NOT TAKE YOUR CHILD HERE.Dr.Jariwala Laboratory, 1st Floor, Nav-Manmandir CHS, Opp. Maratha Sahakari Bank, Near Eksar Talao, Eksar Road, Borivali(W) Mumbai-400092


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