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29 Aug, 2017

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Adrien Broner, United States

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Bruce K. Long of Bebop Technology SCAM

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Bebop Technology have sold be $10000 worth of services so far and I can confidently say that none of these services are worth even $100 in the market today. The software that they provide for their cloud based post production is available for free or even for a lower cost than what they charge. They do not entertain any requests for support and once you pay them your money there is absolutely no way in hell that you can ever get it back. Bruce K. Long is the master con artist in this entire operation and has scammed hundreds of people in his professional career. Bebop Technology seems to be his new scam and he\'s doing quite well for himself scamming people like me. Bruce Long, I urge you to take a good long look at yourself and your company for the vile practices that you lot have been carrying out in this market. Ask yourself if the software you\'re selling is really worth the price, if the non existent customer support really does justice to the faith of your customers in you and if you would ever be able to live happily knowing that you\'ve scammed so many innocents? I URGE EVERYONE TO NOT DEAL WITH THESE CRIMINALS. Bebop Technology is a criminal organisation with nothing but scamming intents and interests.


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