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12 Aug, 2010

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S. David Boozer, United States

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Vantage Travel

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I sent the following letter to the CEO of Vantage Travel on or about July 1 after returning from one of their trips. I have since cut & pasted the same & emailed it to their Customer Service. As of August 12,2010 I have not had a reply. This is my letter:It goes against my nature to be negative. However, my wife & I have good reason to bring to your attention some very negative aspects of our last trip, Eastern Europe & the Black Sea + Vienna. I am sure that it is not necessary to bring such matters to your attention because as the CEO it is your business to know the conditions on that trip. Perhaps the most undesirable factor was that there was a major problem with the air conditioning system on the ship (river boat). We were first told that the problem was due to high outside temperatures. The Purser’s desk finally admitted to me that the whole system on the River Explorer had to be replaced. Our cabin temperature was up to 80 degrees at midnight while some friends said that their cabin was very cold. The ship’s engineer finally told me that he would “make some adjustments in the engine room” but that only brought our cabin down to 75, our last night on board. That informed me that there were selective areas of the ship which were being cooled. In addition to our cabin problem neither the lounge or the dining room was reasonably comfortable during the cruise. My major complaint is that Vantage Travel should have cancelled the entire booking. First of all because you knew that the Danube would be flooded due the heavy and widespread rains throughout Europe the week or so before the cruise and that the ship would not be able to proceed beyond Belgrade cutting the cruise short. Such was predictable. Secondly the booking should have been cancelled due to the defective air conditioning system. Sleeping under such condition was a major problem.It is obvious that we did not get what we paid for and should have expected, however the Vienna extension was nice due to our tours that we booked. What is your policy for such undesirable circumstances as we encountered? Your agency has not even acknowledged to us that you are concerned nor have we been sent a survey. The latter is most unusual! We are getting your numerous brochures wanting us to take another trip. Please respond.Yours very truly,


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