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Brand Name

Bharti Airtel



Date Posted

9 Jan, 2012

Submited By

Sunil Koul, India

Subject of Complaint

3G ISSUE and Network-connectivity issue

Complaint details

Hi Everybody.Please have a look into this.See how Airtel is making things complex by giving baseless replies and delaying the things and making customer irritated.Please raise a voice if anyone else is facing same problem. It has been 2 months back when I raised a concern regarding network connectivity of my my mobile and since then . further adding to it .I am approaching them for this and even i approached applet officer which they say is final contact of resolution.They never provided solution to itand giving foolish reasons and still it is pending.Service request number 41476640 is the latest one for this and there were many before which they closed on their own even not bothering to contact me.There is 2nd issue going on from last 1 month for 3G dongle.I purchased from Airtel and was expecting 3g speed but was totally disaapointed as what they consider to be 3G is 2G only.They have also kept that pending sometimes saying software and hardware problem and sometimes technical issue and giving no solution at all.Request number 41368952 is penidng with applet officer.I don't know how long they will do like this.Can everybody facing the issue come together to raise voice so that we will not get cheated and dodged by Airtel

Advice from Legal Counsel Team

Dear Sunil, you have every reason to be furious..its is a classic case of deficiency in service and a complaint can be entertained by the consumer court.. No need to seek help from other sufferers... What it requires is a legal notice to yĆ³ur service provider followed with complaint.. You don't even require lawyer for this. Regards, Legal team


Actually I don't have so much time to follow with legal notice.Is there anyway which will help my issue to get resolved as soon as possible without much effort.I want Airtel to pay attention to the customer and get issue resolved which is my motive.
  Posted: 9 Jan, 2012 by Sunil Koul, India
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