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Idea Cellular Ltd.



Date Posted

11 Jan, 2012

Submited By

Deepak Gandhi, India

Subject of Complaint

Very Poor 3G Internet Service

Complaint details

This is regarding an IDEA 3G sim that I purchased a few months back for my Samsung Galaxy Tablet, 10.1. I have faced a LOT of problems ever since. This complaint is being posted after several requests to IDEA CELLULAR PVT. LTD. and after receiving absolutely NO support. First of all the Idea Cellular 3G internet service does not have a good connectivity & a range as they claim. I have taken my TAB for important meetings only to be embarassed that the internet connection was not working then. I realised (pretty late) that the network is very poor.Other than the connectivity / network issue, in both my 1st and 2nd bill cycle I tried using their online payment system for making the bill payment but the system was faulty. I tried contacting the customer support and to my surprise they didn't even know about the online payment system- untrained staff here!! I spoke to the sales head, Mr. Manimohan, who had pleaded me every day when he initially wanted to sell the product to me. When I called him for this issue he said he'll connect me with someone, and that never happened, post which he conveniently ignored my calls. I mailed Idea Cellular Grievance department with the error screenshot to which I only received some ir-relevant answers. I have all of these statements as proof's.This has been a very frustrating experience from a so-called-big-brand like Idea Cellular. Imagine my plight- I had been trying to get in touch with people who didn't know the process and they make false assurances and dont bother to honor them. And this process would delay my payment date for which IDEA Cellular guys will charge me a penalty. And that is exacty what happened.To summarise, first of all IDEA Cellular's web-based systems are not fool-proof, they have technical flaws. After that their customer service team is not trained to handle technical queries. Post that their sales head assures but doesn't revert back with a solution & ignores calls. Post that I escalate to the grievance dept. and there is NO relevant reply with a solution and finally the Idea Cellular guys have the shame to disconnect my line. I had been following up with them before my payment due date, to help resolve the online payment flaw. And these guys have it to disconnect my line. I have never ever come across such a poor service and I strongly URGE everyone there looking for a 3G connection to AVOID USING IDEA CELLULAR 3G INTERNET SERVICES. Abhishek Bachchan, time for you to disconnect with these pathetic service providers.


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