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Posted: 18 Jun, 2015 by Kamal Kumar, India
Vodafone activated the service called juice up automatically and deducted 14 rs without my consent
Vodafone people are cheaters. They have deducted my 14 rupees for their fucking juiceup service for which I did not opt. mmy number is 9999447033. All these have been done without my consent. And customer care people do not have any idea about this shit. Read more >>
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Posted: 22 Jul, 2015 by Ayan Roy, India
Online Recharge
I recharged for my number using Paytm last night, for which i was refunded. But even after 13 hours, Vodafone team could not resolve the issue. This is so pathetic of an MNC company operating in India, and giving pathetic service Read more >>
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Posted: 2 May, 2016 by Prathulnath Pp, India
Balance cut
This is the fourth time i have been informed that i activated some service and they are cutting RS: 35 for each activation which i never did. Read more >>
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